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What is Sosa?

Sosa is a relatively new dance fitness class which uses authentic international dance styles, inspired by Salsa, Ballroom, Latin and more. Sosa fitness classes are an infusion of dance and exercise which promotes fabulous body styling in a fun welcoming atmosphere.

Sosa fitness is made for everyone, from experienced dancers who enjoy keeping up with the progressions, to beginners who have no dance experience. This high energy class is also designed to be low-impact on the body making it safe and suitable for any level of fitness, age, shape or size.

Sosa Pro Training

I am now a recently qualified Pro Trainer for SOSA! .... which means I am not only qualified to instruct a class, I also teach future instructors. Please click here to register your Sosa interest, whether it be about qualifying to become an instructor or taking a Sosa class for fitness!